Wallpapers Over Wall Paint : A Brief Comparison

Wallpaper or paint can easily give a fresh appearance to any room or home, but the main question is what to choose between these two? Which one is affordable? Which one is best for the decoration? What are the factors, which can be considered one over the other?

Selection of wallpaper over wall paint is not an easy decision, but wallpaper can be the best option for home decoration. With the help of wallpapers one can easily match the interiors of home with furniture, you can change the entire look and feel of room or home or professional space. If you are planning for renovation of your professional or personal space so you can use the wallpapers as it is mess-free than any other products and takes very less time in installation.

Some Differences are following:

i. Durability:

In comparison of paint wallpapers have more durability and it doesn’t need any retouching as paint need to be retouched on every 3 to 4 years.

ii. Professional look:

With the help of customize wallpapers you can implement your creativity on walls, whereas paint comes in solid blocks of traditional colors. In market wallpapers are available in wide range and one can choose it according to their choice.

iii. Cost effective:

It’s true that wallpapers have high installation cost, but still its more effective because of long lasting effect in comparison of paint.

vi. Source of creativity:

If you want to explore the creativity and want to implement it in your home, so it can be best option because in market wallpapers are available in many texture, colors and patterns.

v. Wide range of choices:

If paints are available in infinite number of possible combinations, so wallpapers are also available in different shades such as; wooden finish, leather-like texture, greenery and much more. In market there are few companies, which offers the customize wallpaper services and installation.

vi. Customization:

The main advantage of wallpaper is that you can virtually achieve anything because you have freedom to assort your choice of graphics, artwork, texture, colors and more.

Wallpapers can have long lasting effect even for 10 to 12 years, which is five times longer than paint in normal conditions, it means that it is very economical and you can save more than 25% of your repainting costs with the help of wallpaper installation. In market different types of wallpapers are available such as; designer wallpapers, customize wallpapers, residential wallpapers, kids-room wallpapers, office wallpapers and more. With the help of wallpapers one can turn the boring professional space in to creative space.

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