Why Real Wood Floors Are Most Preferred Flooring Solutions?

Wood flooring carries advantages over other types of flooring. It can add style and warmth to any house or property. Wood flooring costs much higher than carpet or linoleum but it ensures long-lasting maintenance. Flooring made up of carpet and laminate always has an issue of tearing and it might lead to this issue regularly. So it will cost you more in comparison to wood flooring. Wood floors are solid and highly durable. Wooden flooring has become a very popular choice in India. House owners prefer this over other kinds of carpets. It gives the room a superior look and adds elegance too. Generally, people likes to choose real wood floorings or solid wood floorings but the question raises that why real wood floors are most preferred flooring solutions?

Why Real Wood Floors Are Most Preferred Flooring Solutions?

Types of Wood Flooring

Real Wood Flooring

Real Wood Flooring

Real wood flooring is prepared from original wood right from top to bottom wood that had been harvested from a pine, walnut or oak. Durability: Hardwood is top notch in terms of durability and it usually lasts for many years. You can refinish this many times.




Engineered Wood

Engineered Wooden Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is made up of original wood which glued many layers of different wood. Such as plywood, underneath. Wood gets superior stability through this. Engineered wood flooring is a veneer of real wood glued to several layers of other wood, like plywood, underneath. This gives this wood excellent stability over time. Durability: It is really durable and it is the best option for any location of your house.


Laminated Wood

Laminate, which is also known as floating wooden floor tiles, is made up of artificial materials that mimic wood’s appearance. Later, it gets laminated. Durability: laminated wood is well durable and it is very easy to install this floor. Also Visit – If you want to buy artificial grass to make your home happy, visit here.

Pros and Cons of Real or Solid Wood Floorings

In case you are looking for a design that has both blends and versatile, then wood flooring is the best option. It suits both modern and traditional homes. Wood flooring is the perfect choice for your office and residential space.
If you are looking out for a style that is both versatile and blends with every type of decor, then wood flooring is the best option. It gives a lot of warmth and character to both traditional and modern homes. Whether you are using wood flooring for your office or residential space, it is a classy and reliable choice for both.

Pros of Real Wood Floorings

1. A long-term investment

The biggest plus point of wood flooring is its long-lasting capability. They can last for many years if well maintained.
You might find it costly, but at the same time, you don’t have to replace them every ten years, like other flooring. It is also a superior investment as the value of wood flooring keeps increasing with time.

2. Variety

Wood flooring gives you a wide array of options. You can opt for any of them according to your budget and availability. In wood flooring you will not find a single plank with the same shade and this specification makes this more real. You can modify the wood flooring by adding different colours. You can add and mix the woods that make the flooring delightful.

3. Healthy air quality at home

Wooden flooring prevents any kind of parasites. They don’t nurture and repulse any kind of allergies to animal dander and moulds. This will help your house to stay safe from inside. Other types of flooring don’t have such quality. Even doctors advise on wood flooring, especially when you have children at home as they are more susceptible to allergies. Wooden flooring also keeps your house warm.

4. Quality of ageless

Other flooring, like carpet need to be changed after a certain time period but Wood flooring requires refurbishment. You will keep refreshing the flooring in its authentic state. You can save a good amount of money on wood flooring.

These advantages of floorings can win your select but why you should not choose this, have a look here.

Cons of Real Wood Flooring

1. Cost

Real Wood flooring is costly in comparison to other flooring such as carpets or tiles. It is not affordable for everyone as some people have limited amounts for flooring. Hardwood flooring is a complicated process as it is installed over sub-flooring.

2. Scratching

Real wood flooring faces the issue of dents and scratches. You have to take care of this flooring properly. Wood flooring has chances of stains on the floor. The hardwood shows blemishes strongly in comparison to softwood.

Are real wood floors worth it?

Hardwood, without a doubt, is the most popular consideration, especially when the owner is considering selling soon. But do real wood floors actually increase a home’s value or is real wood floor worth it?
If calculated, we will find out that the average cost of a hardwood floor is worth around $6 per square foot and you have to spend $8 per square foot for installation.
Still, many people have installed real wood flooring because this gives an authentic look to a house. Hardwood floors can raise house values up to 3-6℅. This gives an ample opportunity to those who are looking to sell their home in the future.

Usually, owners can expect a 75℅ return on investment after installing solid wood flooring. Imagine a 2000 square foot real wooden building that is worth $9 per square foot. The total cost of installation is around $18,000. The homeowner can see the value of the house rising up to $13000.
The call to invest in real wood flooring can bring lots of profit. Hardwood flooring can be for resale value for your house, but there are various factors such as location, installed quality of real wood flooring.

How much does real wood flooring cost?

In today’s world there are thousands of wood materials available on the market. The price of real wood flooring is decided by the quality and texture of the material. Making of wooden planks, such as imported or indigenous, also costs in flooring costs. These are the most popular wooden flooring that exist and are most commonly used:

1. Real wood:

Hardwood or real wood is made up of original wood. It’s long-lasting flooring. It will cost you around Rs. 700 to Rs. 5000 per square foot. These types of flooring are best for those who are looking for a long-time investment. This is a sample of real wood flooring costs in India. However, it varies on material and other factors.

2. Engineered wood:

Engineered wood flooring is a veneer of real wood. It is made up by fixing different layers of plywood. Engineered wood is very durable. The cost varies depending on customer requirements. Usually it costs around Rs. 200 to Rs. 900 per square foot.